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Three Ways to Have the Best Branding Photography Session

May 28, 2024

haley kammerzelt

Branding Photography Session: Brooke at The Refinery Wellness Center

Today I’m sharing a side of my business that is lesser known—branding sessions, and three ways to have the best branding photography session!

This earthy branding photography session took place in the most calm, serene studio called The Refinery Wellness Center. This studio is located in Downtown New Holstein and features Brooke, the owner. 

I watched Brooke perform a Reiki + mediumship on her client. The room filled with energy and it was one of the most magical things I’ve ever witnessed. I immediately went home and booked my own session with her!

branding photography session

The Session

Brooke needed some new earthy branding images for her website, materials, social media, and more. Following her during a session (with the client’s permission!) was the best way to achieve this authentic atmosphere and ambiance for her branding photography session.

We focused on her favorite products, featuring magical apothecary bottles filled with potions that calm the soul. Her warm, welcoming studio set the perfect scene with her beautiful client as they worked together! We also featured her magical hands, ready for massage and special touch. 

Her earthy branding photography session gives more of a feeling to her branding when clients are looking to book a session with her. As can be seen, they add comfort, expectations, and good vibes. This is just what you want when having a branding photography session done for your business!

Three ways to have the BEST branding photography session

Looking to get your own branding photography session? It’s the best thing you can do for your business, but here’s some things to think about in order to make it the best branding photography session that will achieve your dreams!

  1. Pick the right photographer! This is another key point. Ask yourself, does your business have a more light and airy vibe? Minimal and modern? Warm and moody? Pick a photographer that specializes in that editing style for your branding photography session because the vibe translates through the imagery! You want to truly find the photographer that sees your vision and will represent your brand’s presence authentically. 
  2. Stage the scene! Get all of your goods in one place, or schedule your service to be photographed that day. Get into your best outfit that makes you feel like you within your business, but don’t overthink things! You’d be surprised what photographers can throw together to make product images and headshots look magical. Making sure you have receipts/bookkeeping items and cords stowed away, having an open seat by a well-lit window, or having your items in a photograph ready state can make a world of difference all in all!
  3. Be yourself! Share your products, or perform your service just as you would. Be prepared to take it a little slower than normal, and have a plan for what shots you’d like to have on hand. Horizontal shots are always important to have for websites, and even if you don’t want the headshot, GET THE HEADSHOT because your face is your business!
branding photography session in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Who needs branding photography?

As a matter of fact, if you have a business, that means YOU need a photography branding session! All in all, branding sessions are invaluable to your brand and can literally make or break your business in this online-present generation.

Looking for an earthy branding photography session, with warmth and moodiness in mind? I edit just like that, and I would love to be considered for your business branding session if you’ll have me!

“Working with Haley for my branding session was one of the calmest and most comfortable experiences I’ve ever had with a photographer. You instantly feel relaxed in her presence, there’s nothing cheesy or fake feeling so when you see your images you’re almost lost for words to see how she’s captured you so authentically! She allows you to just be you and she creates a story of who you are, what you represent and how your business embodies its mission.” -Brooke

Thanks again, Brooke, and the magical humans at The Refinery Wellness Center!

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