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March 18, 2024

haley kammerzelt

Why Untraditional Weddings Are the Best

Untraditional dark & moody historical location wedding

I’m excited to share this dark & moody historical location wedding shot at Howard Venue in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with you today, and tell you why you should consider an untraditional wedding for yourself!

I met with Rachel and Harrison at a local coffee shop for their indoor engagement session. From the beginning, it felt like we’d known each other forever. They are such a fun and loving couple, and I was so excited to shoot their untraditional wedding day!

Untraditional Wedding

What makes a wedding untraditional?

Whether you’re having a huge wedding or eloping in the mountains, there are many ways you can incorporate eccentric aspects into your big day.

  • Choosing a historical venue wedding, or having your wedding in an unexpected setting can dramatically change the ambiance of your big day
  • Incorporating small details such as themes
  • Throwing out old traditions, and making new ones
  • Choosing unique color schemes 
  •  Having photos taken in places and poses that might not seem typical
  • Choosing the right photographer to take on the job of being untraditional, for example, finding someone that shoots more moody or ethereal

It can still be a luxurious experience and everything you’ve dreamt of having an untraditional wedding, and it will be yours and yours alone. 

 Howard Venue, Oshkosh Wisconsin

Rachel and Harrison’s wedding day was surrounded by their closest friends and family at the beautiful Howard Venue in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This venue is an old historical building with the most beautiful lighting for dark and moody photographers.

The Howard Venue in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was designed in 1927 by architect Henry Auler. It’s an Old English/Tudor Revival-style building that was originally a men’s only Eagles club. 

It features high-vaulted ceilings, intricate woodwork, stain-glass, and more. It’s the perfect setting for an untraditional wedding!

Looking for an untraditional wedding photographer?

As an eccentric girly, I would love to be considered for coming along to shoot your untraditional wedding day whether it’s the Howard Venue, or elsewhere! . I’m an experienced, open-minded, and open-hearted Milwaukee photographer that is ready for your big day.

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For more information about The Howard Venue, visit: https://www.thehowardoshkosh.com/

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